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Since receiving this beautiful plaid midi-length chemise from our friends at Midnight Bakery, I have been living and breathing in it. What I love about their[…]

REVIEW: Some of you might not know this, but I have been a vegan now for close to a decade. Over time this mindset has[…]


Dearest Reader, Where shall we begin… I hope summer 2018 treated all of you with kindness.  These last few months or so, I have mostly been[…]

Hello dear readers, I am still on a high from my time in Europe. Don’t worry, European travel content coming your way very soon! From[…]

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: SILVIA MORENO   June was one whirlwind of a month. News of how this administration is attacking the very core of who we[…]

There are a mutiny of things in my life that I am unsure of. Like, when and where will I purchase my first home; how[…]

In the land of my childhood you were my hero. Ready and able to carry me with so much laughter and patience. Thank you for[…]

Happy Friday, my loves! Today I would like to talk about color. Color is vastly important when it comes to boosting your mood. Every so[…]

A good night’s rest is a hot commodity these days. This last month was filled with lots of travel; so much so that my sleep[…]

Sooner, rather than later is always in fashion. Nevertheless be like the wise ones and resist such futile endeavor. Allow yourself a moment to breathe[…]

This year started strong and has yet to let up. As a result a bit of an unexpected hiatus took place. But I am back[…]

Photograph of Josephine Baker Via: @pinterest Hello music lovers, Today’s midweek serenade is highlighting a few incredible female singer/ songwriters. It was just a few weeks[…]

Hello my darlings, I hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of January. I wanted to thank all of you who entered our Horacio Planner[…]

Why are you a feminist? Before I even knew what feminism meant, I had knowledge of women being treated differently. Not from a book but[…]

The day started with warm sunshine and ended with the kind of cold that Californian’s run from. I was shivering so much that I was[…]

Hello my darlings, Today we launch our first official giveaway! At the start of this year I ordered a Horacio Heavenly Planner Kit and was[…]

  Image Via: @pinterest   Hello darlings! Below is the first music playlist of 2018! I know that I have said this before, but thank[…]

Sometime last November I experienced something that left me short of words and sadness. While on a walk with my sister and nephew we were[…]