Midweek Serenade | Vol. 20

Via: @UO

Hello Dear Ones,

There is nothing like some great music to kick off the day. 
It has been a looooong time, but for now let’s just keep it short and sweet.
As usual with all of my other curated playlists this is a combination of old and new music from all around the globe.
I hope you discover a new artist or two! 

Sending all of you so much love.
More to come later…


1| Dana Williams – “Miles For You”

2| Fell Runner – “Come Home”

3| Bon Iver– “Hey Ma”

4| Atta Boy– “Roadblock (Six Weeks)”

5| Antenna The End – “AnML

6| Phoebe Killdeer & the Short Straws – “The Fade Out Line”

7|  Javier Limón featuring Inma Cuesta – “Una De Esas Noches Sin Final”