Be the Light

Hello darlings!

I hope everyone is making the most of this holiday season. This year was filled with the healing power of duality. The ying and the yang, and how everything must work together; even the most incomprehensible and challenging of situations. Our world is going through a major shift right now and so many of us are being called to ‘hold the light’. Some of you may be wondering: What exactly does it mean to hold the light? Simply put, it means to rise above the pain and the darkness. It means to love those that are not fully awake. It means a whole lot of forgiveness and the surrendering of the ego. It means to choose love over fear.

This year, our family forwent giving gifts to each other. To honor the ebb and flow of 2019, we all agreed that we needed to give. We chose to support an organization (Escuela Caracol) that is nurturing the next generation of conscious-heart-centered children in Guatemala. Their mission is beautiful: Escuela Caracol does not simply seek to impart information but rather to foster inner transformation that awakens self-knowledge, an appreciation for others, and a sense of responsibility to the world. A mission that is very much needed as our world continues to move through these massive changes.

As we say goodbye to 2019, I encourage all of you to look within and ask yourself: how am I holding the light…

Lots of love.