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Garnier | #BeautyResponsibly


Some of you might not know this, but I have been a vegan now for close to a decade. Over time this mindset has also started taking over in the way I approach fashion and beauty. I am incredibly cognizant of how products are made, as I believe that no matter how wonderful something might look, if there is an environmental indifference or lack of mindfulness behind it, it just is not worth it. I was so excited to hear that Garnier has been taking steps in this direction with their greener beauty products. I was invited to test their “Smoothing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask + Avocado Extract,” with 98% naturally derived ingredients.  The results were pretty impressive. After a few weeks of using this hair mask, my hair feels smoother and thicker but without the typical weigh down that you get with other nourishing hair type products. My natural wave game has been stronger than ever which has been a nice surprise. All of these wonderful things aside, the best feeling is knowing that I am supporting a brand that is aligned with my values. To explore a world of greener beauty visit:


As a hair mask: After shampoo, apply onto wet hair and leave on for 1 minute. Rinse.
As a conditioner: After shampoo, apply to hair from root to tip. Rinse.
As a leave-in treatment: Apply on damp hair for frizz control and color protection.


– Vegan Formula: No animal derived ingredients or by-products
– 94% biodegradable formula
– No Silicones
– No Parabens
– No Artificial Colorants


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