The Time Is Now

This year started strong and has yet to let up. As a result a bit of an unexpected hiatus took place. But I am back now. I cherish this platform too much to ever walk away from it.

I think it was last week when this powerful epiphany gently caressed my thoughts. As heartbreaking as it is to hear the voices of so many wounded women; I truly believe we are making progress. The fact that I can travel and be whoever I want to be is no small feat. Not too long ago, women were forced into marriages and often times sold to the highest bidder. And Lord help them if their bodies refused to bring forth a male heir.

But today is a different time. A time where I am sure many of my maternal ancestors could have only dreamt about. I am not going to apologize for using my voice, for being strong and poetic. I am not going to make myself small so that I can fit into a comfortable societal label. I am going to make all the pain of the women who came before me count. I want to make them and myself proud by owning every bit of my life and my decisions. So today, whilst wearing absolutely no pants, and enjoying a cup of jo, I say: The time is now.