Fashion, Griselle Preston

Modern Tweed

Hello my darlings,

I hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of January. I wanted to thank all of you who entered our Horacio Planner giveaway! Your constant love and support means so much to me. A big congratulations to Chloe Humphries for winning the giveaway. I hope this great tool will help you map out an amazing 2018!

Today’s ensemble is reflective of how I like to take things from the past and tie them in with the present. Tweed has generally been considered a staple that your elegant grandmother would wear — ala Coco Chanel with a long string pearl necklace. This is no longer true, as tweed is making a comeback in a very modern and fresh way. Case in point, I took this tweed crop top and paired it with distressed jeans. I finished the look by wearing my silver oxfords and circled rose gold earrings to give it more of a pop of cool. Below I curated some tweed pieces that walk the fine line of classic and edgy. Remember that nothing is truly outmoded; there is always a way to reinvent just about anything. This is what makes fashion so much fun.

Big hugs for a Tuesday.