Griselle Preston, Inspired Living

Build Bridges, Not Walls

Sometime last November I experienced something that left me short of words and sadness. While on a walk with my sister and nephew we were almost hit by a car; which mind you was awful enough. What followed was even more horrifying. My sister in her protective mamma bear mode, yelled at the woman driving the car, “please pay more attention!”  The woman then rolled down her car window and screamed: “You should all just go back to where you came from!” I can’t explain how much heat my body began to radiate, but I was cognizant that I was holding my nephew’s hand and I needed to keep calm. It was a mix of utter rage and sadness. The rage stems from the fact that my sister, my 3 year old nephew and I were all born in California. We breathe and live this beautiful state of ours and have known no other home. But what this white woman was saying to us was: you don’t belong here because you don’t look like me. That’s where the sadness kicked in. The fact that she was ignorant and so lost within herself that she would actually believe that the color of skin dictates wholeness and placement.

I share this with you because – as part of their 2018 agenda, Congress has decided to attack the DREAM ACT, along with building a costly and unnecessary wall. I walk the fine line of spiritual politics. I believe that everything we encounter is a reaction to a higher energy that is constantly guiding us and leading us to a better place. Although at times it might not feel this way. I want to encourage all of you to do what you can to stand up for those who have no voice. Passivity only breeds hopelessness. Engage every day with that higher source and ask how you can be of service.

Rooting for all of us.
(Even the ignorant ones.)

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.
Martin Luther King Jr.