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Midweek Serenade | Vol. 15



Hello My Darlings,

I am in the middle of fighting a terrible cold. With my immune system already being compromised I am extremely susceptible to getting sick. So whilst I lay in bed, my solace comes from music, books and good movies. When my body is feeling down, I tend to lean harder on nostalgia. So while I do my best to find new artists for you, this week’s playlist has some of my trusted favorites.



1| Reuben and The Dark – “Black Water”

2| LA River Bend – “Summer Wind”

3| Cate Le Bon – “Are You With Me Now”

4| The Districts – “Funeral Beds”

5| The War on Drugs – “Red Eyes”

6| Harry Edwards – “Winter No.3”

7| Carla Morrison – “Un Mundo Raro”

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