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Hello my darlings,

It’s been quiet and all I can say is that I have needed this time to adjust to my new Lupus treatment. We have now moved on to a weekly injection that seems to be working really well. I couldn’t feel more grateful. This experience has been  extremely humbling. While adjusting, I also need to confess that I started to become insecure about some of the side effects these medications were causing to my skin. The main one was the acne that started happening on my face but also my back. I had never had to deal with acne until now. I still have acne scars and though they will disappear with time, it also reminds me that my body was fighting to stabilize. And that’s really beautiful.  For those of you who are struggling with acne I wanted to share a great comprehensive guide on treatments that are on the market. A special thank you to Jacqueline and our friends at, a research team that conducts unbiased reviews of products. After spending six weeks reading the double-blind studies, then talking to dermatologists and aestheticians they came up with a fantastic acne guide →

Stay impeccable my darlings.