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The Big Reveal

How gorge does my Sissy look???

Today I am sharing some wonderful news! My sister and brother-in-law are expecting their second child. It goes without saying that my sisters and I are extremely close. So much so that when Leslie, my older sister, was pregnant with Lucas, my younger sister Alma and I were both experiencing pregnancy symptoms. Alma would wake up with morning sickness and I felt sleepy all the time. By the time she came to the 9 months we were all ready for her to give birth. This second time around, Leslie has had a totally different pregnancy. One that has been more challenging than the first. Thankfully she is starting to feel better. Pregnancy and childbirth are not for the weak. Seriously, women are remarkable creatures.

If you scroll all the way down, you’ll find out if my favorite human deux par deux is a boy or girl…

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead!


We cannot wait to meet you in September baby boy!!!