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4 Ways That Powerful Women #Slay

This post is sponsored by #USANetwork for the premiere of Season 2 of Queen of The South.

As you may have remembered, last season I styled a post in celebration of the fearless women characters that carry this exciting and suspenseful show. Today I am sharing 4 ways that powerful women #slay. As powerful women we should all aspire to be #QueenOf #OurUniverse.

1. Balance.

As women, it’s so easy to get lost in the many different roles that we take on. It is that very ability of being able to multitask that makes us so remarkable. However we must remember to create a sense of balance. That is to say, that when you are at work you devote your attention to what needs to get done. And when you are at home, you unplug and focus all of your energy on your family. As a business owner, in the past, I have found it difficult at times to miss out on gatherings because of projects that needed my attention. But today I embrace that I am one person that cannot be all things at once. This is not a weakness, it’s called being human.

2. Focus on the good.

We all face challenges. It is part of the journey, and as many successful women can attest, it is sometimes in those failures that you find yourself. Do not be afraid of failing; be afraid of not getting up again. And one of the ways that often happens is not paying enough attention on what is going right in your life. Never lose sight of the blessings that surround you.

3. Learn to ask for help.

No man is an island. Part of your success will be contingent on the people who you surround yourself with. If you are surrounded by toxicity no matter how much you try you will feel the effects of such relationships. Let go of anyone or anything that does not serve your highest good. Remember that being smart, also means surrounding yourself with people with more experience than you. People who will elevate and motivate you.

4. Don’t stop believing.

Dreams do not work if you don’t. Wake up every day with purpose in your heart.
As long as you have the will power and discipline, anything is possible.

I hope these tips will inspire you slay in all aspects of your life. If you are in need of a dose of fearless inspiration be sure to tune in on June 8th at 10/9 c for Season 2 of Queen of the South! Don’t be afraid of being the queen of your domain!