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Loafing around

Hello, hello… 

Oh how I’ve missed you. In between trying to make sense of this new crazy presidency, preparations for redesigning the blog and a horrible flu virus – I am finally feeling (somewhat) normal. Overall the beginning of this year has been about rolling with the punches. You can’t allow yourself to dwell on what you wish would have happened, but rather meeting the moment with courage and an openness that may lead to some uncomfortable truths. Nothing lasts forever and that’s something we can all take comfort in. 

Now on to the fashion! I discovered the best find of the season! These comfortable backless loafers have been my go to shoes for the past few weeks. They literally go with everything! I have curated some similar beauties below for your shopping pleasure. Bear with me as I work on launching a dream project that has been keeping me up at night. 

Hugs and hugs,