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Keep On Keeping On


Happy fri-yay, darlings.

I have decided to make 2017 about keeping things simple yet meaningful. These last few weeks have been frustrating, as I started new medication to help combat the Mixed Connective Tissue aspect of the Lupus that seems to move full speed ahead. My body is rejecting the medication and there’s nothing I can do about it. Dr. Dreamboat and I will have to try something else, and if that doesn’t take, something else after that. What is most important to me is to not lose sight of who I am in all of this. So I go back to the basics. As silly as this sounds, clothes and accessories are a bit of therapy for me. I wake up and get dolled up as I normally would and when I look in the mirror, I am reminded to keep fighting the good fight. I have always been the gal who wears a faux fur to the grocery store. When I was about 7 years old I was obsessed with wearing my red ruby shoes everywhere. And I have promised myself that no matter what happens I will keep on being that gal. The one who shows up impeccably dressed, and ready for anything that life might throw her way.

Keep on keeping on, my loves.