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Lauren Rodriguez | Style Maven

Lauren or “Lola” (as I call her) is one of those rare beauties whom possess so much goodness it almost breaks your heart. When you first meet her you’re almost taken a back that such a tiny frame could hold so much love. If that weren’t enough she has a keen sense of style and a passion for all things fashion. I mean, this girl could accessorize a potato sack and turn it into your most cherished possession. Lola was fortunate enough to graduate from one of the most distinguished fashion schools here in Los Angeles, also known as FIDM. After an extensive courtship, I was finally able to photograph her. If we’re lucky, she might just agree to make another appearance. Cross your fingers!

Pants: American Apparel

White button-up: Zara

Shoes: Carlos Santana

Purse: Big Buddah


Vintage Bow- a gift (from moi!)

    Hello Kitty bracelets from her little niece.

Diamond ring was a graduation gift from her father.

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